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Király Zoltán

Telefon: +36 30 2561709

E-mail: info@kiralyzoltan.hu


My name is Zoltán Király. I was born in 1972. I have been interested in nature since my childhood thanks to my parents and grandparents. As I have been growing my interest to the world of plants and animals has also been growing. My studies also followed this path. Hiking, camps for getting acquainted with nature became colors of my everyday-life during the secondary school time. Finally I have chosen my profession – I graduated as an engineer of forestry. I spent my trainee time on “Balaton-felvidék”. I have been working on the eastern part of the “Bakony” mountain since 10 years.

My hobby is closely connected to my chosen workplace – I take pictures of the nature. I got acquainted with photography thanks to my father. I was so luckily that I could take a camera to the camps in my childhood. My first compact camera was given to me by my parents as well. Later I changed to a single-lens reflex camera. This full manually camera helped me to get the knowledge of a beginner photographer. During the university years I expanded my equipment with some lenses and accessory and I tried to record the miracles of the nature. The only disadvantage of this technology was the expensive raw material – according to the circumstances of an undergraduate.

My first digital camera was a compact camera. With this one I could practice the settings more easily and the result could be also more easily checked. This pep me up. I also felt the barriers of this technology – a compact camera will never offer the same opportunities than a SLR. My next camera was a bridge category one. The breakthrough was a Canon EOS 350D digital SLR camera – this allowed me to combine the opportunities of a SLR with the freedom of the digital technology.

Nowadays I use this camera and its accessories to catch the amazing moments of the nature. I am thankful to my wife and children, who tolerate my absences and sort my pictures with critics.

A picture tells different stories to the one who takes it and to the one who looks at it. I would like to show the nature with these pictures. It was a joy to take these pictures so I hope I can also delight the enquirers with them.

Have fun viewing the pictures!